New Year New You?

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Every end of the year, people make up all sorts of resolutions that they are most likely not to even follow. They say things like I am changing my life for the better, to hell with my haters, better things this year and so on


My question is; If you really want to change your life for the better, why wait for the new year? There are no set times on when you can make a change in your life. Tell me, if you realize something is not right in your life in February, are you going to try and change it or are you going to wait till the end of the year to make that change? I sometimes want to pull my hair out (literally) when I see some of the things people come up with at the end of every year and then go on and live the same old miserable life they wanted to change on new years’ eve. Like seriously dude, you just look stupid when you say things like that. If you really want to change your life, do it on the down low, do what ever you set out to achieve and then you can brag about it at the end of the year.!


I really think that people think the new year is only a  day but, it is a whole 365 days. If you couldn’t do anything at all during the previous days, what makes you think that you can make those changes in your one day new year? Seriously? I can honestly say I have seen about 100 or more people on my timeline today who said the same thing last year and are still doing what they did and will no doubt continue to do the same. Oh well, more grease to your elbows I suppose. As for those who really believe they can change their lives, do not wait for the clock to announce a new year before you do so..


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