Why Don’t You Love Me?


Do you ever get that feeling? That you are doing everything right by your man but he just doesn’t see it?  I mean, you are on point. You are independent, smart, sexy, a homemaker, you do everything for this guy that a woman possibly could. You even go above and beyond just to prove yourself to him that you are loveable but, it just doesn’t work out?

Sometimes, it makes you sit down and wonder what you are doing wrong. You go over and over on what you could be doing wrong and cannot pin-point exactly what it is? I mean, all your friends are telling you that you’re on point. His friends and family tell you that you are doing everything right. Everyone around the two of you can see the level of your devotion and dedication to him but, he just doesn’t see it?  He won’t even care that you are crying for him. He won’t even notice the longing in your eyes every time that you look at him because, he is not really seeing you is he? It’s like he is staring right through you.

This situation can make you question yourself and your choices and make you feel so incompetent and silly. You lose all self-confidence because you keep wondering if you are doing something wrong.  If you have ever felt like that, I am sorry. I know exactly how that feels like when everyone around you except the man you love can see exactly what is going on. I can tell you this though, it is not your fault the idiot is blind and cannot see what could be the best thing that could have happened to him. Just move on and trust me, he will come crawling back in the end. they always do don’t they?

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