Pay As You Go…


Ah, so, am back with the whole relationship stuff again and am exploring a whole new concept.(purely fictional)

The pay as you go concept. I mean, we all love to be in a relationship or not. depends really on what you consider a relationship. I have had most of them though and really, when all is said and done, i believe that, as well-informed as I am on some aspects of the game, i am completely naïve in others.

This brings me back to the title of this blog today. Exactly what is a pay as you go relationship? I actually had this idea when I was having a chat with a good friend of mine. he wanted to know why I always say I do not want a relationship so, I told him the truth. I like the pay as you go kind. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to the whole finding someone who is meant for you and living happily ever after crap but, honestly, at this stage in my life, I couldn’t really be bothered to even think about settling down with what is not meant to be so, I decided; I like men. (obviously). men are more trouble than they are worth most often than not and really, why should I give all of this to one person just so they can take the piss when they feel like it? (am not cynical I swear).  Therefore, I came to understand that, in order to keep everyone happy? I am not doing the, am in this with you stuff. it’s strictly pay as you go.

Now, before you get your pants in a twist, what this means is that, I want to be with someone or some people (although, not at the same time). I just don’t want to have to feel the need to be tied down to anyone. I don’t have the patience to think about anything or anyone else but myself. Like I said to that really annoying guy on the phone when he asked me why I stood him up, I am just not used to thinking about other people. I love me first. I love you a bit when you are here but when you are not, I either top up or, go to a different network. (ah, pay as you go).

I want to  have the freedom to do the things I really want to do anytime I feel like without having to answer to someone. I would really love it if I got a phone call from someone who’s first question is not going to be ‘where are you?’ or, ‘what are you doing?’. Dude, you are not my mother. I hate to have someone make me feel like they own me. Therefore. here is my proposal: Let’s be happy when we are happy. (that is when I see you) Don’t please bug me with your jealousy and really, do not feel the need to tell me how precious or enchanting or beautiful I am! (I have a mirror for that). See, if we signed a contract, ie, in a relationship, you will be obligated to do those but, this is a pay as you go relationship and to be honest, there has been a few people before you telling me all those things that you tell me and after a while, it gets kinda old u know?

That is all am rambling about tonight since I can’t seem to get any sleep and i know am probably not making any sense at all……. *big grin on my face*

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