Are Long Distance Relationships Worth it?


Long distance relationships. I look at the sentence and think say no more but, I know some people will not agree with me so, let’s explore it shall we? On the one hand, i believe that the whole point of being in a relationship is to be with someone so, what is the point in dating someone who is miles away? Someone that you see only a couple of times in a year or so. In this day that you have to be careful of someone who is right in front of you, how will you find the faith to trust someone who is thousands of miles away from you? I must admit that I have tried the long distance thing twice and it didn’t work out. That is probably why I have a negative view on it. Both times, the man cheated but the funny thing is, the second one was actually a good liar. He had two women in the UK that he was playing and had two Facebook accounts as a result. Being as smart as I am, I added the other woman on my Facebook and struck up a conversation with her and that’s how we both found him out. Let’s just say, it was not a pleasant experience
On the other hand, I can see how it can work for some people. The whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing is definitely a reason. The less you see of this person, the more you crave their company and  it makes it that much more intense when you are finally together. It will also work for the person who is too busy to try regular dating. They make a point to spend their time with their significant half down the line somewhere and then, work towards that goal. And as they say, if you love someone, distance won’t be a problem right? (erm).

The mechanisms for making a relationship work are not the same though as you have to work twice as hard on a long distance relationship. Let’s not forget the cost involved as well! Hell, I don’t even want to pay a £20 fare to go see someone in London and its only 40 minutes away!, so, imagine how much it will cost if the person you are dating is in a different country. I always have to come back to the issue of trust. How will you know that your partner is being faithful to you all the time that you are apart? There really is no way to tell so, you just gotta have a lot of faith in your love for each other right. Every effort has to be doubled otherwise, you will just be wasting each other’s time and efforts. You could by all means try going on  online dates via skype or MSN and with all the technology around these days, long distance can seem really short if you are willing to put in the work.
I suppose whether it is worth it will depend on each individual.

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