Black Women Are Less Attractive Than Females Of Any Other Race???


Ok so, I’m home nursing a stomach ache when i see a picture on my BBM of the front page of the daily star about black women being unattractive. Thinking its a joke, i ignore it until I’m on twitter a couple of hours later and see everyone on my timeline tweeting about the same thing so, i decided to investigate.

Turns out a Japanese professor ;Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics posted this in a blog. I usually do not go for topics like this but I thought it was completely outrageous after I read the article and found out his reasons for saying this is because black people are an older race therefore we have more mutations in our genes. Even more outrageous is the fact the he claims we have more male testosterone and that makes us appear to have manly features. I am no scientist but, what the hell is that? I don’t see any manly features when I look in the mirror and I doubt any of my friends look that way. One the other hand, he thinks black men are the most attractive out of all races.  He claims that  black women are on average heavier than other women but, that is not his reason for the findings. his reason is this; ”Because they have existed much longer in human evolutionary history, Africans have more mutations in their genomes than other races”. If that is the case, why will black men be more attractive? This is the bit that I don’t understand so I would like for someone to explain  it to me.

I will not try to make this about racism but, the Japanese are known to BE racist. If I run a poll asking if people thought I was attractive and I got an average of 3.7, I will most certainly not use that as a fact to base a thesis on. I ask why would an established scientist blog about such an issue based on an online poll? For all you know, all the people who took the poll are members of the BNP, KKK and other organizations such as these. But, I digress. How was the blog allowed to be published should be the main question here. Being a forum for educated minds, I would think that the Psychology Today would have a means of vetting so that the most informative and useful blogs are posted on their site. The fact that the post has been removed does not change the fact that people have already seen this post on the internet and in the news papers.

Black women have every right to be outraged by this as we are not unattractive. Every race has people who are good-looking and people who are not and basing attractiveness on how many people want to sleep with someone is not scientific or psychological in my books.

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  3. Black women are one of the most beautiful races of women on the planet. There beauty is the most imitated, tanning booths and creams (to get a darker tone), collagen injections (for fuller luscious lips), and the acceptance of a more voluptuous figure (jo lo winning rear of the year). All things natural to the afro female. This fact alone shows how desirable the black woman is.

    Don’t get me twisted, dere some h’ugly black women out there. However a black woman’s beauty is far deeper than the cosmetics and products consumed by other races (cocoa butter and motions hair lotion not included). BDL 🙂

    In short Dr. Kanawara is jealous because his wife don’t have a butt like beyonce.

  4. This is a bullshit pseudo-analysis, if a woman is really beautifull, doesn’t matter the skin color (she can be blue!).

    The women I found more atractive are the most darked skinned one. They have some of the most stunning bodies in the world, beautiful curvy legs, precious breasts and amazing dark skin. The dark skin is one of my fetiches, but, when i talk about the most beautifu of a black woman it’s not only a pure sexual thing, there a most important fact.

    There are a lot of great african women around the world working hard. They are mothers, daughters, sister, friends lovers and wifes of any men/women, they suport anybody and work hard and they treat like parias. Unfair, the beauty of the black woman are they determination, the streaght of her soul. They don’t give up easly.

  5. oooooo ya’ll r flirting ya asses off lol.

    well i’m a black woman and i have never had a problem getting men of all colours, but despite a lot of the positive comments here (which is lovely) i’m not surprised because black women are always told that we’re not beautiful through the media. People have been conditioned to believe it.


    i’m fly though so fuck the media looool xx jokes xx

  6. I am a white straight woman and I think black women are gorgeous . . . I would love to look like one of them. Do not listen to this racist B.S.

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