If You Know He’ll Break IT, Why Give IT??


This one is for the women!! We all love bad boys and have at one point in our lives wasted our time with one or two or three of them. I mean, there is something attractive about the cocky, self-assured, confident I can get any girl I want so don’t waste my time attitude that some men have. We like the I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks attitude and the pants hanging low and girls checking him out when we’re out together and the smug feeling that he’s with me and not you that we get when this happens! (I know I’m guilty).

The thing though is, why do we like bad boys so much, the good guys always come last that is true. most of us women will let a perfectly good man slip through our fingers just because we’d rather be with the one that we know for a fact is going to lie and cheat and possibly treat us like shit because he’s hot and all the girls like him.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier for us though if we could just go with the good guy and leave the bad boy for the girl who is also bad enough to handle him? A friend of mine said to me that she got with someone knowing very well that he could not be trusted and in the end she came out the loser. I just told her to shut up really because come on, there is having a no strings attached fling with someone like that and then there is having a relationship with him. the relationship is mostly will be one-sided or even if he genuinely likes you, he’d probably be too in love with himself to notice that he has feelings for you.

I do not see the fascination with bad boys.(been there, done that). I am not staying at home and checking my phone every time it rings or pings hoping that its him. I don’t want to be the one that gets the pitying looks from friends because he cancelled on our date again. There is nothing fun about wondering all the time where he is and who he’s with and what he’s doing with them. Every woman should want to be treated right and loved as much in return or at the very least liked as much as she likes the guy she’s with. As for me, if you’re not missing me as much as I miss you and texting me and calling me and being as excited about being with me as I am with you and spending time with me, forget it . I don’t have time to waste  on a bad boy!

I am not saying they are a bad thing. No wait, that is exactly what I am saying! I suppose you get to a certain point in your life where you decide that flowers and chocolate and all that romance, the I miss you, I can’t get enough of you and let’s go steady thing is far more important than the check me out, I’m a hot dude and every woman wants to sleep with me thing.

Getting in a relationship with a ‘bad boy’ and hoping you can change him makes you the world’s biggest dufus in my books because hello! people do not change unless they absolutely 100% want to. If you feel  for someone who does not care one bit if they don’t hear from you for a month, you’re setting yourself up for the heartbreak of a life time or as I like to call it, the biggest blow your ego is ever going to suffer. All I’m asking is, if you knew he was going to break your heart, why did you put it on the line??



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  1. The truth is, it isn’t the ‘good boys’ that aren’t appealing, it’s the ‘I can’t have it’ factor that bad boys come with as well as the ‘i’m sure I can change him’ factor that keeps us chasing them. I’m SOOOO guilty of being with the bad boy … even now, I’ve got a good boy who I know will treat me like royalty, but I’m still pining for the dude who only ever shows me I ain’t shit to him..

    So stupid …

    As with most things, once you know you can have something – it loses its appeal. Not always but a lot of the time

  2. An enlightening article for all of us not quiet beautiful people.
    Personally I would rather be unique than an anonymous bad boy trying to adhere to some media stereotype.
    If only women would have this sort of epiphany earlier in their lives. The human race would probably be slightly happier as a whole.

  3. I know what you mean Stace. I’ve been guilty of that s few times in the past and I must admit right now, it does not appeal to me. the whole waiting around thing is lost on me. I tell men I’m too high maintainance and they think I’m talking about money! then I have to explain it has nothing to do with money. Treat em mean and keep em keen is all well and good if you don’t know what you want but we all know we’ll end up with the good guy in the end. I say stick with the good guy… as long as he’s not a church boy cos they are the worse lol 🙂

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