I have toyed with an idea for a while but, have been unsure how to put it in words because, it never felt like it could come out right. Today, I was hit with a sudden burst of inspiration whilst on the ride home from work so, now I think I’m ready to share this.

Is it really a man’s world or just a battle of the wills?

I was talking to one of my girlfriends a week ago and she mentioned that, she’s s been seeing a guy for a month or so but; they had not slept together because she wanted him to wait as it would make him value her more. I didn’t really argue with her because these things can only be judged on an individual basis. What she said made me think though. About the games we women play. Supposedly so a man takes us seriously. Or because we are independent and we want to prove to the world.

For example, spending a considerable amount of time each day dressing up before you go out, keeping in shape by going to the gym or even dieting, plastic surgery to get bigger boobs or a bigger ass. We don’t do it so other girls will see us and stop in their tracks. We do it so that guys can notice us (y’all know I’m right!)  When we start dating someone, don’t even get me started on the games that we women play all in the hope that, the man will see how totally irreplaceable we are and stick around. A typical example is the sex embargo my friend put on her new relationship.

The interesting thing that was staring me right in my face but, I couldn’t see for some reason was the fact that men play the same game where women are concerned. For example, a man who works all the time to make shit loads of money. What does he do in the end? Well, he might buy a nice flashy car, wear some really nice clothes, and go to the trendiest of places in the hopes of impressing other men there!! (We both know that’s not true). The man is only looking for one thing; the appreciation from the female species. He is doing all of this so that a woman looks at him and thinks wow; this guy has it going on!  OK, so, technically, he doesn’t have to be stinking rich to play this game. The looking good and staying in shape thing also applies to men. I mean, come on! Didn’t Wayne Rooney just get hair implants? I doubt it was so he could impress other Manchester United footballers!

The weird thing is this is everywhere you look. Love songs for example; while most women sing about the emotional aspect of love, men are singing about how they would move heaven and earth to be with a woman. In films, we watch as two people decide to have sex just for the sake of it and then, one of them starts developing feelings (usually the man) and before you know it, they are living happily ever after. In life, well, we continue to play these games with each other so that we can be more attractive to the other person. It’s not a man’s world, it is indeed a battle of the wills. 

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