Worse things friends say to you during a breakup..


I’ve always been a firm believer in telling people the truth no matter what the outcome might be. We all like to tell people what  we think they want to hear or what we think might make them feel better. In light of this, I’ve come up with 5
of the worse things you can tell your friend who’s going through a hard breakup.

There’s more fish in the sea

Now, hold on just a second. Why do  people tell you that? Because, it’s a widely accepted fact that, sleeping with someone else is the quickest way to get over someone. Like, seriously? Any sane person knows that there isn’t only one man or woman left in the world but, if they happen to like this particular fish? Telling them to cast their net out is the worse thing you can say. We all know there’s nothing better out there. By all means, do not tell them to hold on to someone who doesn’t want them but, please don’t suggest fishing either!

You’ll be fine

Erm, hello, my heart is breaking here and the best you can come up with is ‘you’ll be fine’?. That is so retarded, I don’t even know why people say it any more  I love my friends who will tell you straight up that, this will hurt like hell for a while before you start to heal. Telling someone who’s heart is breaking that they’ll be fine is really like disregarding their feelings and saying something a robot would say.


He’s a prick/she’s a ho

OK, so you do know this friend of yours slept with this person right? So, calling them certain names does not only show lack of respect for your friend, it also tells them you don’t think much of them for being with that particular person. What your friends really want from you is comfort. Unless the heartbroken person starts with the male/female bashing, please don’t tell them they’re a an idiot for sleeping with an idiot!

Constant reminders about love

This is what I hate the most. The love quotes and the little pictures with stupid words like love doesn’t hurt, loving the wrong person does and  things like that. Now, we may think that this is empowering or motivational but, how wrong we are once again! No one wants to be constantly reminded of a mistake they’ve made and sending them things like that will just make them dwell on it. Get the tequila out and let’s get drunk and dance around. That would make someone forget their troubles even if it’s for a few hours.

I have someone I want you to meet

OK. So, I know you love me and you want me to feel better but, what the hell? This goes back to the plenty of fish thing, the not trusting your own friend’s judgement and other things. It’s not only wrong to think that you can fix someone’s love life for them because, they obviously can’t but, it’s so stupid and inappropriate, I do not have any other adjectives to describe it.

What I want my friends to tell me or what I would tell by friends who are going through a breakup is first of all, it won’t be easy. Secondly, there really isn’t anything better out there, especially if you’re vulnerable and thirdly, l  don’t think you made a mistake. You just got caught up in a web of lies and deceit. It doesn’t make you weak and stupid. It means you’re not bitter and jaded but, you might be slightly gullible.

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  1. Yeah that shit is super annoying tbh … i hate when people say “it’s his loss” … erm ok, it’s only his loss if he thinks so too, you know what i mean? But the best thing to do is try and remember that the comments come from a good place as annoying as it may be!

    • Oh Stace, you hit the nail right on the head with that one. I can’t stand it when people say that. It is true they do out of love but, recognizing that telling your friends shit like that doesn’t help may be a step in the right direction…

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