Even Dogs Have Pride


I’m nothing if practical. Sometimes, we let our emotions cloud our judgement especially where there’s a man involved and we end up making mistakes, breaking our own rules, compromising our pride and generally making a fool of ourselves. The worse part of it all is, 90% of the time, this is over the most undeserving person we can think of!

I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out which part of the damn thing triggers such stupidity in the first place. Could it be desperation? I mean, when you’ve had a few relationships that did not work out, do you get to the point where the next person that comes into your life makes you want to hold on so tight no matter how clear it is they do not want you in their lives?  Is it a genuine gut feeling that the person may be ‘the one’? I get it that you can make someone as happy as they seem to make you and that still won’t be enough for them but, as a woman, your intuition is giving you mixed signals. On the one hand, you’re getting alarm bells going off all over your head and still , that same thing is telling you to hold on a little longer and see if things change.

I think and know from,experience, the worse thing you can do is stay if you get warning bells going off in your head. Especially early in the relationship. I have seen people lose themselves in the process of trying to hold on to something that is slipping through their fingers. I’m no stranger to the ‘maybe, he just needs time’  thing.

If someone needs time away from you within the first month you’re dating, my dear friend, that is your cue to take a bow and walk away. With your dignity intact. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than losing sleep over someone who’s snoring away and not giving a damn how you feel. The moment someone tells you ‘I don’t know’ that’s a no. It’s not a maybe or anything of that sort. It’s an I don’t want to hurt your feelings so, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I’m always the optimist. I see the good in people even when it’s clear their rotten to the core but, even the most optimistic person in the world has to open their eyes one day and tell themselves; even dogs have pride  :-).

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